What is iCareNow!

iCareNow! is an insurance mobile application that works as well as a business process automation (BPA) that can integrate with your core systems, thereby streamlining the internal administration process that will eventually speed up the process to the insured. Now you can have your own insurance mobile app easily.

iCareNow! features:

– White label
– Instant agent registration
– Support mobile sales MV, PA, Travel, Health
– Instant ePolicy
– Online payment (DOKU)
– MV claim
– Merrimen Integration
– Endorsement

– Renewal
– Outstanding Bulk Payment
– Promo
– Point reward
– Refferal code discount
– Works with any core systems
– eKTP Ready
– BCA API Ready
– Etc

Fast & Hassle free!
Let them do the sales and let iCareNow! do the rest to integrate with your core systems!

Improve business value…

Work With Any Core System

iCareNow! is designed to work nicely with any core systems. iCareNow! Front End as Web API sends and receives data to and from mobile devices and continue the request to iCareNow! Client Custom Engine.

Contribute to each process

iCareNow! has 3 engines that contribute to each process.

MV Claim

iCareNow! Client Custom Engine is client’s customizable engine, it runs based on client’s specific validation, condition, rules, printing format, and etc.

Universal Core Map Engine

iCareNow! Universal Core Map Engine generate universal data format before it passes it to the Client’s Core System.

Simplify Administration Process !

iCareNow! supports online payment gateways such as:

Bank Transfer

Payment by bank transfer.

Credit Card

Payment by  credit card.

ATM Bersama

Pembayaran by ATM Bersama.


Pembayaran by Alfamart.

Why iCareNow!?

Prepare Now for the Future

Investing in a mobile app today would place you in a much stronger position to benefit from future technologies


Possibly saving people’s time or reducing the workforce required or reducing complexity in system.


Direct contact to your customers. Deliver content and services in real time

Stand Out from Competition

Be the first in your neighborhood to offer mobile apps to your customers. They will astonished your forward thinking approach!

Let them do the sales and let the technology do the rest to Integrate with your core systems.